Hi.  I’m Kristy, and it’s nice to meet you.  Really!  I am a graduate student, and that defines my life.  Most of the time, I’m ok with that.  But really, I need some space to be a little more creative than my academic life allows.  I’ve found that it’s really important to make some creative space for myself.  And that, my dear reader, is what this blog is all about.  Expressing creativity and sharing it with you.  I hope you find some inspiration on these pages to add a little creativity to your own life.  Making things is fun!  And it’s not all that hard either.

My crafting tastes are eclectic.  I like to sew, paint, knit, work with leather, solder circuit boards, cast metal … the list goes on.  I’m also notorious for jumping right on in full swing ahead.  Sometimes I’ll do easy crafts, and other times I just skip all of that silly “learning” phase and try the hardest thing I can think of.  Well, it’s not really that reckless.  More like, I have a project that I want to try and I’m too impatient to do all the early steps.  For example, my first leather working project was to take a pair of shoes, tear them apart, and make them into knee length boots.  The results were passable, but certainly wearable.  I’ll be sharing those experiences with you.  Some of them will be things I’ve already done.  Some of them will be new things.  Where possible, I plan to write tutorials and step by step instructions so you can try them yourself.  Hopefully you’ll even be able to avoid mistakes that I’ve made.  If there is something you want me to write about, let me know!

So come join me in my crafty, creative adventures.  I’ll see you there!


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