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A new blog design!

I’ve made a few changes to the blog.  It’s something I planned from the beginning, but I didn’t want to get too caught up in the coding without actually creating content so I started here on first.   I’ve known all along that I really want to be at instead of so I could have more control over my blog.  I hope you follow me there. I have finished designing the blog the way I want it and moved my blog over to I’ve asked them to move over my followers to the new wordpress blog, but you can do it yourself as well by going through to the new link and re-subscribing.  Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reading so far!

I’ve posted two posts on the new blog so far:

DIY Gallifrean blinds

Dumbledore Socks hours 12-14

So head over to the new blog and let me know what you think!


Web Inspiration: Silhouette

Today’s web inspiration comes from a new acquisition of mine: a silhouette cameo.  If you haven’t heard of the silhouette yet, you are in for a treat.  The silhouette is a mix between a printer and a die cutting machine.  It works with your computer to cut out pretty much whatever shapes you want.  They do have pre-designed shapes you can use, but you can also design your own.  I have a few special posts coming up this weekend about my first uses of the silhouette machine.

In the meantime, here are some inspiring projects to show the variety of creative things you can make!


Handmade by Paula: Mini Greeting Cards

Note Cards from Handmade by Paula

Aren’t these cards just adorable?  Changing the color and the greeting is such a simple way to add variety to a note card pack. I also really like the matching envelopes.  So pretty!


Mouse Pad Makeover

Mouse Pad Redo by Seasoned Home Maker 

This mouse pad is so effective and easy to do.  She just used the silhouette to cut the fabric to size and then adhered it to the old mouse pad.  Awesome!


Silhouette Decorative Wall Border

Silhouette Blog decorative border

This wall border made from vinyl would look really cute in a child’s room.  I would imaging you would want to keep the flower flat though, as kids tend to grab at things and I bet these flowers are just the right height for pulling!


Cupcake Project: Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake project’s cupcake wrappers

There are so many really awesome paper wrappers for cupcakes, and all sorts of holiday ones as well.  I can’t wait until I can find an excuse to make some cupcakes and pretty them up!


The Miller’s: labeled jars

Ok, so this is something I really want to do.  The Silhouette can work with any installed font on your computer.  Yes, you read that right, any.  The idea of labeling jars like this is such a simple thing to do and really looks good.  Plus, it would make it easier to tell the difference between bread flour and regular flour.  Awesome!


The Silhouette also cuts fabric.  There are kits to dye fabric, cut stencils, set rhinestones, land etch glass.  If you want to see some more inspirational silhouette projects, check out my pinterest board here!  I’ll keep adding things as I come across them, as you do with pinterest.

Look forward to my own silhouette projects soon!



Tutorial: Knitting short rows

While this is part of a series of posts for knitting through the back loop, it isn’t really effected by back loop knitting.  It was, however, very confusing for me to figure out.  This is due, for the most part, with my unfamiliarity with knitting terminology.  I used Pearl Hunter’s YouTube video for short row heels to help me out.  I highly recommend going there if videos are your thing.  Me, I need step by step photos, so I’m creating my own.  And of course there is the added benefit that by writing this tutorial I need to understand it better myself.  Also check out my tutorial for Judy’s Magic Cast on for back loop knitting.

Knitting Short Rows: Adding Wraps

1.  Knit to the end of the row, leaving one stitch on the left hand needle. (Of all things, this confused me more than anything else.   I didn’t realize I needed to leave a stitch there!)


2.  Pull the working yarn from the back to the front.


3.  Slip the loop on the left needle to the right needle.


4.  Move the working yarn to the back.


5.  Slip the loop back onto the left hand needle.


6.  Turn the work so that the right hand needle is now the left hand needle.  Purl until there is one loop left on the left needle.  Bring the yarn to the back, slip the loop from the left to the right, bring the yarn to the front, slip the loop back onto the left needle, and turn the work. (This is almost exactly the same as before but for the direction the yarn is being pulled).

7.  Continue this pattern, knitting or purling until you reach the last unwrapped stitch and wrap and turn using the method above.  To keep track of how many wrapped stitches you have, I use a marker that I move to separate all the wrapped from unwrapped stitches.

Knitting Short Rows: Working Wraps Back In

Eventually, you will want to expand the number of loops you are using and add the wrapped stitches back in.  For socks, it appears that you continue wrapping until your row is in thirds (1/3 wrapped, 1/3 center unwrapped, 1/3 wrapped).  To work the wraps back in so that you are once again using the entire row, use the following steps.

1.  Knit until you reach the first wrapped stitch.


2.  Pick up the back of the wrap stitch with your right hand needle.

IMG_5877 IMG_5878

3.  Slip that stitch onto the left hand needle.


4.  Knit the stitch you just place and the stitch just behind it together (the one that the wrap was around).

IMG_5880 IMG_5882

5.  Turn the work.  Notice that your working thread is on the left hand needle.  This will not do, we need it on the right, so slip the first stitch onto the right hand needle.

IMG_5884 IMG_5885

6.  Purl till you reach the first wrapped stitch, pick up the wrap and slip it onto the left needle, purl together, flip the work, and slip the first stitch to the right.  Continue in this manner until all your stitches are being worked again or unless otherwise directed by your pattern.

Are there any knitting techniques that have stumped you?  Or any tricks you could offer?  Let me know in the comments!

Tutorial: Judy’s Magic Cast on for back loop knitting

Judy’s Magic Cast on is pretty much magic.  It allows toe-up sock knitting without a seam at the toe.  You can find a good tutorial of her method on Knitty here.  The first time I did it I did get an ugly seam, but I quickly realized that’s because I knit from the back loop as a habit.  So, I did some trial and error and figured out how to knit the cast on so that it wasn’t an issue for me.  Curious about knitting and purling from the back loop?  Check out my knitting tutorial about those techniques!  I also have a tutorial about knitting short rows.

1.  With your needles in your left hand and the points facing to the right, loop your yarn over one of your needles with a long tail.


2.  Twist the yarn so that your tail goes to the top and your working end goes to the bottom.


3.  Place your second needle below the first and pull the tail down, over the bottom, and under the top.  Your tail is still up and your working yarn down.

IMG_5830    IMG_5831

4.  Pull the working yarn up, over the top, and under the bottom needle.  The working yarn is pulled downwards.


5.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have cast all your stitches on.


6.  Knit the top row through the back of the loop using either double pointed needles, two small circular needles, or one large circular needle with the magic loop technique.


7.  When you get to the bottom row, knit through the front of the loop for this row only.  Since the magic cast on technique creates a twist in the lower row of stitches, this will correct that twist.


8.  Continue knitting through the back stitch or following whatever pattern you are while knitting and purling through the back stitch.  Check out your lovely hidden cast on seam!


Tutorial: Knitting and Purling from the back

Today I thought I would do something a bit different for my tutorial.  Instead of doing a single tutorial that follows a craft from front to end, I thought I would share with you how I knit and how I’ve adapted some knitting techniques to fit my style.  Knitting and purling through the back is a valid technique, but from what I can tell it is usually used to create a design instead of as a main technique.   I also hold the yarn ball in my right hand, I hope that’s not too weird.   These posts are in part for my own reference as well.  There are plenty of really good video tutorials, but I have a harder time finding photo tutorials.   I like photo tutorials better because I don’t feel like I’m trying to keep up with the video tutorial.  Check out today’s posts on Judy’s Magic Cast on for back loop knitting and Knitting Short rows as well!  I’ve used some larger needles and a lighter thread, so hopefully you can see it ok.

Kitting the back loop

1.  Make sure your working thread is to the back of the needle.


2.Push the right needle through the back part of the loop.

IMG_5850 IMG_5851

3.  Loop the thread over the front of the right hand needle and then back to the right.


4.  Pull the right needle through the loop on the left needle and to the front without dropping the loop on the right.


5.  Drop the loop off of the left needle.


Purling through the back loop

1.  With the working yarn in the front of the work, use the right needle to pull the back part of the left loop forward.


2.  Loop the working yarn over the top of the right needle and then pull it back to the right.


3.  Pull the right needle back through the loop on the left needle.


4.  Drop the loop off of the left hand needle.


There you go, knitting and purling through the back loop.  I’m also adding Judy’s Magic Cast on and short rows for knitting through the back loop.  I may end up adding more of these, but I’ll try not to take up a Monday tutorial unless I have several.


P.S.  Sorry for the lack of Craftermath this week.  Knitting needles and yarn don’t leave much behind, especially when I was only doing such short tutorials.  This is the closest I could come, though to be honest I didn’t try too hard.  No need to make a mess just for a picture!


The Genesis of a New Blog

Hi!  As you might expect, this is a new blog.  From me, Kristy!  This is the second blog I am creating this week, and it’s purpose is a bit more fun.  The first blog I created can be found here and focuses on my academic work.  Here, I want to write a craft blog.  One that chronicles and shares my experiences in my creative endeavors.  I have found that making space for creativity helps keep my life balanced, and it helps keep me happy.  I really like making things.  It gives me a sense of joy to start with the component parts and create something that is real, solid, and there in front of me.  Also, I feel like there are several craft bloggers out there that are my friends.  But, they are always talking to me and I’m never talking to them.  I’m also the dreaded lurker (I read and read and read, but never comment).  So, by starting a blog I am hoping to become a part of that community.

So, what should you expect to see here?  Well, for starters I am planning on doing one tutorial a week.  I haven’t figured out when I’ll post them yet, but since I’ll be working on them on the weekends, it will probably be on Mondays at first.  I’d like to get ahead of the game so that I can post them on Friday’s.  This way, maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your weekend!  Additionally, I’m a really big fan of “roundups”.  These are things that I find on the internet and post links to here.  These help me get my creative juices flowing and help showcase all of the other wonderful things out there.  I’ll also be posting progress on some of my larger projects, like the quilt I am currently sewing for my brother and his new wife.

Going forward, I would like to do craft alongs where you participate as well.  And for some of my projects, it is easy for me to make more than one thing.  Those would be really fun to do as give-aways.  As I develop this space more, I’ll create a pinterest board and a facebook page.  But, first I need to get some posts here and develop this space as an actual space.  Expect these things to come in the next few weeks.  I am, after all, only one person!

With all of that, I’ll leave you with some teasers for tutorials to come.

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